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Design Deadlines!

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June 30, 2016

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As a designer, clients come to you with objectives and it’s our job to create something that will resonate with the public thereby getting the client’s goods or services noticed. The thing is, in this fast paced world clients usually come to you in a frantic state telling you that they have a deadline in 1 or 2 days, else they would be ‘on the line’. We feel for them obviously, but we also know that to accomplish such a task would be monumental, taking a lot out of us. There are times when I personally had to work through the whole night to deliver via email a finished product for 8am in the morning.

As you know there is a creative process involved before you even put ‘(pencil) to paper’ and subsequently, cursor to Illustrator. So having such short deadlines can impede the quality of output. However we try our best to come up with compelling Press Ads, Billboards, Invitations etc. to satisfy the client regardless of the timeframe.

In the end, after the rush to the printers and the client sees the finish product in all its CMYK glory, it’s definitely worth it to see that smile of approval. Or more likely that phone call or email stating how well their campaign is taking off. All in a day’s… and night’s work.

So… to my fellow designers, truck drivers, nurses, house wives and security guards… anyone who constantly pulls those all-nighters; I salute you. Now go get some sleep, you deserve it.

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