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Do I Need a Graphic Designer?

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October 18, 2020

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The short answer? Yes. Sadly, many people do not see the value in hiring a dedicated graphic designer and prefer to go it alone with tools like Microsoft Paint and Windows Word, which is akin to using a fork to eat soup. Wrong tool for the job.

Graphic design is a form of communication and last thing you want is for your company, group or event to be communicating in 'broken English'. In the world we live in, sciences are taken very seriously and rightly so... after-all, if a scientist gets a vaccine ingredient wrong, people could die. Seeing that the consequences of bad design are not always immediately felt, the general public tends to put less weight on design related projects. But think... even the labels on a box of medical capsules require a designer. The same goes for road signage or a tax return form. If these items are not easily understood in a moments notice, you may overdose, take a wrong turn or check the wrong box on tax return which could cost you more than you'd like to admit.

Hiring a good graphic designer is more important than you think and tacking on that job description to the random office worker is a risky affair for the sake of expediency. No... your company may not die the next day but poor design choices will have an impact on how your business, event or sector is perceived. You may be hemorrhaging cash wondering why an advertising campaign is not performing or your local cause is not being recognized. Getting in touch with a good graphic artist / designer is especially important if you are a new business. You will need a logo for starters and the shapes and colours therein usually dictate the whole look of your company - your branding.

So you didn't get the best start? Worry not, things can turn around... and I'm here to help you do just that.

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